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Police and public organizations have all kinds of difficult and extremely complex internal and external challenges thrown your way. You need advice that mitigates risks, protects  public investments, and drives maximum value to community stakeholders. We can help your 21st century organization and its leaders, managers, supervisors and employees strategically and effectively plan, organize, staff, develop, coordinate, report, and budget. Our competent and rigorous investigative, analytical, and reporting experience allows The Bowman Group to deliver optimal operational, administrative, technical and support solutions.

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Our Services

Our Servuces

“Dr. Theron Bowman delivers thoughtful, focused, and actionable service and advice to the clients he works for and the communities he becomes involved with. His work for us has been consistently timely, of the highest quality, and appropriately grounded  in both scientific evidence and his own considerable experience.”

James R. "Chip" Coldren, Jr., Ph.D.
Managing Director - Justice Programs
CNA Institute for Public Research

Systems Assessment

The most efficient police agencies are systems within a system. Our systems are operating in accredited agencies all over the USA. We assess and advise on police systems.

Policy Analysis

The nature and quality of policies greatly impact police operations and how the pubic experiences police.Our expert advice has resulted hundreds of police agency policy revisions

Independent Investigations

District attorneys, Attorney Generals, local and college and university police departments are amongst our clients who have relied upon our services to provide independent internal investigations.

Technology Solutions

Body-worn cameras, less lethal weapons, drones, computer aided dispatch and records management systems are just a few emerging technologies with which we can assist.



We provide and facilitate core and customized training offerings in every key impact area, including use of force, community policing, police legitimacy and implicit bias.

Management Consulting

Crime problems may in part be symptomatic of a 

pathological organization.We can help you identify the sources of problems and 

prescribe the right cures.


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The Bowman Group has the knowledge, experience, flexibility and capacity your organization needs. Let's discuss how our superior client services, extraordinarily detailed work product and secure systems and processes can deliver the premium

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