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Focused Solutions
for Your Team


With nearly 20,000 police agencies in the United States, there is no one-size-fits all solution for any area. We can help identify opportunities to create lasting effective policing solutions to the myriad of complex challenges endemic in todays policing environments.

Fire and Public Safety

Changes to the structure of the US health care system combined with the age demographics of the US population creates incredible new opportunities for Fire and Public Safety departments. We can help these heroes save more lives, time, and budget dollars. 

Schools and Police

School-based policing is undergoing great scrutiny resulting in drastic changes to how police must engage students and school administrators to create safe and positive learning environments. We are working with school districts to ensure their police and security functions and policies strike an appropriate balance between contemporary policing techniques and school appropriate approaches.

City and County Management

Managers understand the relationship between staffing and budgets but sometimes lack the intimate operational knowledge needed to optimize public safety personnel deployment. The Bowman Group can help you identify and overcome the barriers to efficient resource deployment and utilization.


We provide independent investigations, policy analysiscompliance monitoring, support consulting and direct and facilitated training for our government partners.  

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