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Independent Investigations

Sometimes incidents alleging possible misconduct occur involving agency personnel. When this occurs, agencies are required to review the propriety, legality and justification of the alleged actions. The employee against whom allegations are made sometimes hold a rank, position or status in the agency that presents a critical need for independent external professional investigation services.  

The scope and manner of our investigative services often require that we review documentation, information, evidence and data regarding the facts and circumstances contained within complaint allegations. Actions may include interviewing personnel and civilian witnesses with pertinent information, reviewing discipline and attendance records of involved personnel, examining and assessing compliance with agency policies, procedures and training as related to complaint allegations, and using other tools to determine if specific conduct violated agency policies.  


While each allegation and investigation is different, our experience is The Bowman Group commences and concludes and investigation in 

considerably less time and at a lower overall cost than can internal affairs operations. We work with our client to provide the needed reports with evidence and attachments in person, documented in writing or in an electronic format to distribute or secure as required.

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