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As your police practices consultants, The Bowman Group can review and report on law enforcement operations, including administrative, support, technical, operational and tactical structure and function. We also provide the following services:

  • Review and report on law enforcement policies and procedures;

  • Review staffing and make recommendations needed to meet police and public safety obligations, including personnel deployment schemes and strategies, intake and tracking of external complaints, investigation protocols for investigators, early intervention systems and disposition and remediation of disciplinary processes; 

  • Review use of force policies and practices, including the agency's definition of reasonable force, when and in what manner lethal and less lethal force is permitted, use of force reporting requirement including risk management goals and trend analyses, type, content and frequency of use of force training, crisis intervention training to improve encounters involving persons with mental disabilities by using de-escalation strategies;

  • Assess community policing outreach capabilities and services including assessing the existence and effectiveness of Faith Leaders meetings, identifying community concerns, recommending appropriate frequency of public, community advisory councils and Patrol District meetings;

  • Review stops, searches, arrests and voluntary police-community interactions for compliance with Constitutional and agency policy 



The Bowman Group is passionate about providing advise that will help your agency provide the highest possible levels of service to your internal and external stakeholders.

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