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Systems Assessment

The most efficient and effective police departments are constructed of decentralized systems within a larger system. The agency pursues its mission with a culture and operational philosophy that inhabits every area and domain. Uniform patrol operations is the core business function and other internal systems. Arguably, every other police department function should be subordinate to patrol operations. 

The largest police department investment is in personnel. Human resources consume as much as ninety percent of agency budgets. Because an average police officer will make in excess of a million dollars over the course of a police career, recruiting and hiring systems should treat recruitment processes and hiring decisions as multi-million dollar investments. Agencies must identify appropriate hiring and workforce diversity standards. Once personnel are hired, they must be properly trained and retained. Accountable supervision and management are required to maximize safety and production. Discipline systems apply fairness in managing conduct issues. The Bowman Group assesses recruiting, hiring, training, retention, discipline, supervision and management accountability systems, policies and practices.


Personnel, equipment and technology resources should be strategically deployed. Most police departments deploy personnel without the use of a staffing formula. We assess deployment systems and strategies to ensure personnel are optimally distributed based on workload demand.

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