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Police training budgets are as much a reflection of priorities as they are a statement about commitment to safety and excellence. Thats why The Bowman Group emphasizes the importance of structured, high quality training protocols that reflect a commitment to excellence.

Training courses must first ensure that state POST minimum requirements are achieved, both for new recruits in training and officers meeting annual in service requirements. But administering a training programs requires much more than creating presentations and assigning instructors to "teach" classes.

The choice of training courses should also include results from a training needs assessment. The needs assessment is informed by industry trends, new information and knowledge, legal updates, use of force trends, misconduct complaints and disciplinary outcomes, policy updates, officer and agency performance data, civil suits, specialization requirements, development needs, and technology changes.


The Bowman Group helps determine if training program instructors are sufficiently qualified and properly vetted. We assess lesson plan construct,

content and presentation for adherence to adult learning standards. We also 

help our clients design evaluation tools that can be used to assess instructors and classes.

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