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Why Choose

The Bowman Group?

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Our leadership. We are led by Dr. Theron Bowman, a police and city management professional and consultant with more than thirty years of experience leading and managing some of the most complex and sophisticated police and public safety operations in the world. Dr. Bowman has more than thirty years of private sector business experience and in excess of twenty-five years teaching college and university courses. His diverse array of knowledge and experience equips him to interact with clients and stakeholders at all levels of government, private and non-profit sectors. 


Our capabilities. Our team is simply, "the best there is." Our experts include nationally and world-renown professionals, researchers, innovators and technicians who "walk the walk." Our strategies have helped stabilize violent cities, dysfunctional organizations and even war-torn countries. We also partner with some of the best-in-class organizations to help them continuously improve. From single-person agencies to public schools, colleges and universities to the largest municipal and county police agencies in the world, The Bowman Group is more than capable of meeting your needs.


Our reputation.  We are renown for listening to our clients' unique scenarios, applying our custom algorithms to develop a range of alternatives and partnering with our clients to select and implement "best fit" alternatives. The Bowman Group experts are leaders in police reform, police accountability, police use of force, police hiring, recruiting, and staffing, Internal Affairs and misconduct complaints against the police, police civilianization, community policing, impartial and bias-free policing. Most of our new  clients are referred to us by word-of-mouth. Clients in our business segment strongly rely on our professional qualifications and ability to develop viable solutions in a time and cost-effective manner.


Our approach.  Led by a highly educated public executive with over 35 years of practical experience, 30 years of business experience and 25 years teaching in college and university classrooms, we simply take better care of our customers. We use the best technology to provide superior customer service and extraordinarily detailed work product within a secure environment. Our secure systems and processes allow us to protect clients' need for confidentiality and security. Our public clients include local and state governments with volatile domestic conflicts or operational deficiencies and US presidential-level cabinet agencies responsible by law for facilitating or prosecuting domestic and international police functions. Our intimate knowledge and detail-orientation allows The Bowman Group to quickly build rapport and effectively engage and communicate with our clients.


Results. We specialize in analyzing, correcting and improving police practices. We develop strategies that help organizations become best-in-class models. We design and develop systems. We conduct special investigations. We train. We meet the total needs of our clients while also providing subcontracting services to our traditional competitors. 

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